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Managing for Competitive Advantage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Managing for Competitive Advantage - Essay Examplet would be known as the Chip and PIN programme bringing banks, building societies and retailers together to combat the ever expansive problem of credit and debit card fraud. The trial began in fiscal year 2003 where cardholders would authorise purchases with the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in place of their signature. (M&S Annual Review 2003 inside cover operating highlights)Year 2003 HR – Improvement in quality was managed in several ways including reconstitution of the store management structure including the presence of a store manager at each of the stores. Each of these store managers would have clear goals, responsibilities and accountability. There would be a field-based area management team offering the benefit of internal and external experience, which brings M&S in line with leading industry standards, thus providing a basis for further improvement in customer service, leadership and overall store standards.

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